Kadikoy Rugby Football Club
Istanbul Rugby club
Why we believe in rugby?
  • Values of the sport: Respect, team spirit, hard working game
  • No heavy investment for kids, you just need a short and a pair of shoes
  • 15 players per team
  • Since rugby has become an Olympic game the federation regrouping, Rugby, American football, baseball and softball is now focusing more on rugby.

  • Our most passionate students are now part of the federation
  • A good sport to broadcast, which means media will soon be interested, it has already started with a 3 years old newspaper dedicated to rugby
Rugby in Kadikoy
When we started, there was only 3 rugby teams in Istanbul: Istanbul Ottomans, Bakirkoy rugby and kadikoy rugby. Only one team was on the asian side of istanbul. There was no league, no youth rugby, only 4 teams of rugby in Turkey and no Turkish national team.

In the past 5 years Kadikoy board members have been involved in promoting rugby in schools in order to promote the sport at all level frop local resident. We believe in turkish rugby development. We then started to be involved within youth academy (IRC for Istanbul rugby center) and we also involved 3 other schools in order to create a rugby competition. Today we are proud to start the 3rd season of the league with the addition of new school and club.

We are also proud to see the youth coming out of the academy creating and promoting rugby clubs in their universities (ITU university, Koc university, Kocaeli university, galatasaray university...).

Kadikoy rugby club created by an ex ottomans player died of its own at the end of the first year for various reason. Kadikoy players had no other choice than joining Ottomans rugby club and weretravelling 2 to 3 hours to have one training per week. We then had a real demand for rugby in the Asian side and a motivated staff of 10 people willing to invest their time in order to make this club work on the long term. We believe with our experience staff we can achieve great things in Kadikoy.
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