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What s rugby?
  • Rugby is a sport created in the town Rugby in england. It is seen most prominently in two current sports, rugby union and rugby league, and has influenced the development of others such as American football, canadian football and australian rules football. Distinctive features common to both rugby codes include the oval ball and the ban on passing the ball forward, so that players can gain ground only by running with the ball or by kicking it.

  • Rugby is both professional and amateur game. It is the national sport of countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, Fiji, Samoa etc… Rugby has grown for the past 10 years from being amateur to professional in most European countries and will continue to grow following the decision to make sevens rugby an Olympic game starting from 2016 in Rio.

  • Aside from this Rugby is mainly known for its team spirit and its friendship values on the pitch and outside the pitch. One of Rugby most famous citation: “Rugby is a game for barbarians played by gentlemen.”
Words from the president

It is with great pleasure I am writing those words today

Being the president of the club after being an ex player and coach clearly is something special for me. Following our results in the past 3 seasons clearly show we are on the right path. When we reformed the club in 2006 we were the only club on the Asian side of Istanbul and today we are 3: Ruggers, Bosphorus and Kadikoy. This is another step forward to the growing path of our sport in Istanbul and Turkey.

I would also like to thank all volunteers and the players who worked for over 3 seasons to make Kadikoy rugby one of the most known rugby club in Turkey. The numbers speak for themselves, since the season 2011/2012 Kadikoy rugby is: 20 matchs played for 17 victories, 1 draw and 2 defeats.

Finally, I would like to share with you our 2014/2015 project for Kadikoy RFC. The project is based on the following three inseparable pillars:

Results: Give all necessary human and material resources in order for our first team to achieve the biggest performance possible in the league.

Training: Outside the result aspect we believe a club can not exist without training coach, referees and future players. This is why we have started coach training session, followed kadikoy referee by taping and debriefing matchs and focusing on young players. Our goal is to open a youth academy in the beginning of next season. In order to do so we need experienced coach and referees. We will also make our coach available for any new rugby team who would like to benefit from our experience.

Social aspect: We will focus this season on promoting the sport in our neighbors, we are working on a big events and will try to have more coming in the near future. Developing women and youth rugby is also part of our targets.

From results to training and social aspect, kadikoy rugby football club should be a club where life and athletic performance comes together with pleasure, team spirit and respect.

Kadikoy needs every help it can get as tomorrow s success will be the result of everybody implication.

Rugby yours
Kadikoy rugby President
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